Dubset Media is a rights management and music distribution company. The company was built on creating simple solutions to solve complex licensing issues in the music industry to distribute DJ mixes and remixes. To achieve this, Dubset’s team has built industry leading rights management, identification technology, licensing, and distribution platform called MixBANK.

While Dubset’s MixBANK can support any digital derivative content that uses copyrighted originals, we initially focused on making DJ mixes and remixes legally available to hundreds of millions of users through leading music streaming services.  This gives the music services the DJ content that they and their users seek, the DJs a way to reach their fans, and the rights holders (labels and publishers) new revenue opportunities while controlling usage and distribution of mixes and remixes that used songs from their catalogs.




At Dubset Media, you will be working with talented engineers, music content experts, business teams, and thought leaders shaping the future of music licensing & distribution.