Locations: San Francisco

Terms: FTE

Do you like music?  Are you interested in solving complex problems?  At Dubset Media, you can be part of a growing team of talented engineers, music content experts, business teams, and thought leaders shaping the future of music licensing & distribution. 

Dubset Media is looking for a Content Operations Specialist.  This individual will be responsible to focus efforts on four major areas of Content Operations: labels and publishers catalog ingestion management, distribution of mixes and remix to music services, process development, and content strategy. This individual will consult, strategize, create and manage the execution and integration of content ingestion strategies that will drive catalog deliveries to DSPs. Must have the ability demonstrate metrics through manual analytical processes, automation, and development of systems for cross departmental analysis and communications. The strategic focus will be to engage, maintain and develop relationships with key decision makers within the DSP, Label and Publishing communities to help streamline our processes to support growth of Dubset’s overall catalog.


  • Process Integration, development bandwidth, maintenance, onboarding, deliveries, and QA, and QC for each signed DSP
  • Develop and maintain strong direct relationships, oversee, direct, set-up, and validate initial and on-going feeds for each DSPs
  • Manage metadata updates (XML & Manual), delivery reports, delivery back-log, batch IDs, rights assertions, take-down notices, take-down removal reports and tracking
  • Analyze, monitor, develop and communicate internal metrics – Rate of delivery (per track per catalog size) total deliveries (Hour, Daily, Weekly, Monthly), compared daily total deliveries, priority content delivery, rejection rates, redundancy, formatting Issues, total number of take downs
  • Maintain and oversee ingestion relationships with label, publishing, delivery agents, aggregators, societies and distributors
  • Navigate, track, and develop delivery spec formats for each onboarding relationships
  • Monitor and analyze catalog gaps of label and publisher content for License and Business development teams
  • Detect and communicate cross team functionality, dependencies and roadmap timelines
  • Direct and assist relations team onboarding of rights holder content, metadata, assets, catalog validation, and catalog mapping



  • Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 2-3 years proven experience in Content Management
  • Must have a ridiculous amount of passion for music and is overly consumed by its data
  • Meticulous attention to detail while being proficient in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, CRM, JIRA, FTP, CSP, and FTP platforms
  • Bachelor’s degree and Minimum 2-3 years of music industry experience with an emphasis in digital distribution and content management
  • A solid working knowledge and understanding of rights associated with master, publishing, composer & writer credits and the formats in which they are delivered and ingested– for example, DDEX and CWR


  • Ability to manage teams directly and indirectly
  • Understanding of label, publisher, and write & composer credits
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Extreme attention to details
  • Analytical Skills
  • Knowledge of SLA driven metrics
  • A working knowledge of standard music industry formats - DDEX, CSV, XML, and CWR files


  • Self-starter
  • Team leader
  • Ability to prioritize personal and team daily work-flows
  • Thrives in rapid and high pressure situations
  • Ability to adapt and thrive in start-up culture
  • Takes ownership and drives issues to closure
  • Strong team player that thrives in a rapid-paced and fluid entrepreneurial environment
  • Critical thinker able to concisely represent a point of view
  • Professional demeanor, strong presence, and ability to interact with all levels of personnel within the organization


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